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At times like this, it can be hard to remain hopeful which may cause anxiety/fear. We are here to help you ease that anxiety. We have extended our hours and we will conduct counseling sessions by video to adhere to social distancing. We may not control the situation, but we can control the way we treat each other.




As a Licensed Professional Counselor at Verity, I provide comprehensive counseling services to children (starting at age 5), adolescents, and adults to  support and encourage mental wellness, personal/spiritual growth, and educational/career happiness. I serve as a safe haven for you to explore your innermost thoughts and emotions, and to help you find truth as you work toward solving the problems you may be facing. 

Mental Health Counseling and Evaluations


 Mental health counseling is offered  to individuals, couples, and families for problems related to Divorce, Death, Depression, Anxiety, Emotional disturbances and Anger Management,  Trauma/ PTSD,  Suicidal thoughts, ADHD, Substance use/Addiction, Problems at work, and Relationship issues,   

Comprehensive (Forensic) Mental Health Evaluations

As a Certified Forensic Mental Health Evaluator I offer clinical mental health evaluations to identify mental illness, provide diagnosis, and to make treatment recommendations for legal proceedings. The types of evaluations include Substance Abuse Evaluations, Trauma Evaluations, Suicide Risk Evaluations,  Domestic Violence Evaluations, Child Custody Evaluations, Sentence Deviation/Mitigation.

I also conduct evaluations for the need of an emotional support animal

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Clinical Supervision

I take pride in teaching and guiding other counseling professionals. Given the diverse mix of clients and specialized services provided at Verity Counseling, I provide a unique opportunity for therapists who are working toward state licensure.  I also provide supervision to those master's level clinicians who wish to become registered play therapists.

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